I'm Charlie.


I'm a storyteller.


Motion Design and VFX

I have a passion for VFX and Motion design as it allows for images that live action or practical effects can't always achieve. With almost 12 years of experience in doing this for film and commercial purposes, it's easy for me to say that I am very comfortable working with these kinds of projects.



I am a Director skilled with integrating and planning motion graphics and visual effects into live-action materials. My background in directing is in film, television, and commercial video production.



I am a Cinematographer that is predisposed to doing a lot of pre-production/pre-visualization to ensure that work created is efficient while also being thematic, beautiful, and effective.



As an editor, I try to juxtapose images as coherent as possible while doing what is best to maintain the mood and pace. This was the skill I honed first, in the art of film making; doing it for over 14 years now. Staying organized while editing is a point of pride that I have in my work.

About Me

I am a storyteller at heart,  hoping to share passion and creativity in any endeavor. I approach work with holistic goals in mind; I apply my respect and experience in multiple disciplines to any project.

I have 12 years of experience in post-production and 8 years in live-action shoots, with majority of my work having been done in the Philippines, having prominent companies as my clients such as Jollibee Group Foundation and Makati Development Company.

I try to approach most work I do with an enthusiasm to find something new to learn and further apply. It's with this mindset that I hope to create something interesting and original while also entertaining and compelling.

My experience is on the production of corporate videos, commercial videos, channel branding, and television shows.


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