Series by Medium

This is another project I worked with Standard Time LA for. I did the modeling, animation, and editing on this. It was a particularly interesting project just because it involved communicating the uses of an app that wasn't particularly common yet.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus

This was a particularly challenging project. Standard Time LA tasked me to do the animation, compositing, and color correction on this Wet n Wild ad. If you can't see anything composited there, then that means I did a good job and that makes me happy. I also got to work alongside Sunset Edit in making this and that in itself was an experience.

Play! by Sephora

For a while I was in charge of doing the title animation for Sephora and their Play! by Sephora monthly box set.  I worked for Standard Time LA for these projects and working with them is probably one of the best ways I could have possibly started working in LA. This was also an especially fun project just cause I was able to do a lot of frame-by-frame animation as compared to tweening stuff.

Twitter A-Z


This was my first project with the ad agency Standard Time LA. The project took almost three months to release and went through many revisions to really bring out the best video we could and really represent Twitter in the best way.

MDC Rebirth

After a major rebranding, Makati Development Company tasked us to work on their primary video to represent their new identity. I handled assembling a team to shoot their existing projects as well as their factories,. Shooting for this spanned several days.

Jeepney TV Channel Branding

This was the channel branding for Jeepney TV, a Philippine Cable channel geared to showcasing classic Filipino television shows. As the Creative Director for this project, I pitched for a vibrant, family friendly kind of branding that leans towards appreciating anything that can be considered retro. Though mostly filled with animation, this also had a shoot component that I directed as well. I led a team to co-animate and illustrate most of the assets for this as the project required a variety of material that works for the different seasons in the Philippine calendar.

Jollibee Group Foundation - Frank

A very interesting project documenting and interviewing the people the Jollibee Group Foundation were able to support and help out with their programs. This was an interesting project for me as it gave me and my crew a lot of chance to fly around the Philippines. This video is one of the three videos produced. I was able to direct and edit this video while also doing some of the camerawork myself. I was part of the project from concept development, through pitching, in production and post production.

MDC 40th Anniversary Video

A corporate video I worked on. This got me involved in understanding a lot about the business and thinking behind industrial construction. I was the shoot Director and Editor for this one while still being Creative Directed under Caven Studios.

Player 2

A film I finished early 2016. It's a romantic comedy about the man trying to get over a recent, devastating breakup with his best friend, an Artificial Intelligence inside his video game console.

The production for this went on and off in a span of 8 months. This was a project I had my full input on, being the writer, director, illustrator, animator, composer and VFX artist. This story is also extra special for me as its also a personal story.